untitled kassly 410 (2019) : someone stole sly’s mother’s rings (again)….

untitled kassly stroll (2018) : kassie kitten and slylock fox come across something on a walk

untitled pharaoh nicole humiliation (2018) : obvious AU stuff


in which ford rediscovers the world….of puss (2014) : self-explanatory. gravity falls. fordXreader

stumble into the shack, stumble into the sack (2014) : “haha reading this is a bad idea anyway” gravity falls. stanXreader

happy as a dead pig in the sunshine (2014) : “someone wanted to fuck young mcgucket” gravity falls. bucketXreader

in which there is a noncon threesome (2014) : “so there’s these dudes, right? and they have dicks. and…that’s all you need to know o)” gravity falls, stan+fordXreader

rip lava lamp (2014) : “honestly i don’t know” gravity falls. bipper

Goddammit Bill (2014) : another SoL-tier thing with billXreader because of my boner for him. unfinished o'(

sex with six….fingered man (2014) : ” fuck titles * that have to be edited finally so that it’s the right stan o))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))”

Time’s Up (2014) : ” It’s the 10th anniversary of the twins truly arriving at the Shack. But, as fate would have it, it’s also the last day for someone, unless a deal is made with a certain untrustworthy demon.” gravity falls, mabelXbill

Cash Money (2014) : “Gettin’ your ass in some classic Vegas trouble.” gravity falls, stanXreader

I Couldn’t Think of a Clever Title (2014) : “Uh. Stuff. Dicking around. Pretty lame but it was kinda fun. At the time.” gravity falls, billXreader

Quid Pro Quo (2014) : by far my most popular, longest fic. broken into individual chapters on its own navigation page for ease of reading. gravity falls, stanXreader & billXreader

Regrets (2014) : mark zuckerberg rapes barney. my buddy said a facebook asset looked like a blue barney.

Ross x Jollo (2014) : written as a joke. it’s cancer. an animator gets raped by a character from king’s quest

:title: [A GerRus weirdfic] (2013) : even more cancerous joke about…homo nightmares, i think? Hetalia

Everything Changes [PKMN sadfic] (2012) : edgy story where valedictorian flareon gets raped and turns to stripping

Hetalia Nation Sacrifice (2011) : my first documented fanfic. crossover parody between hetalia characters and the song “alice human sacrifice”